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To Empower people with Barriers

Build self-esteem for people with barriers by coaching life-skills and empowering them to become entrepreneurs.

Believe in Self
Foster Kinship
Grow Together

Promote life skills, Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Our Approach
  • Life-skill Enablement
  • Enable to Create Business Portfolios
  • Connect Social Investors
  • Enhance Customer Portfolios
  • Stabilize Operations
Own &Operate
  • Transition to PWB Owners to Operate Independently
  • Host & Support Digitally- Franchised Portfolios

People With Barriers(PWB's)

Persons with Disabilities

Employment and training are important ways for disabled people to gain economic and social independence. In the current phase of the initiative, our innovation helps individuals, who are physically disabled or sensory impaired (vision/speech/hearing), to learn and perform entrepreneurship.


They have protected us, and now it's up to us to protect them! We are driven by innovation. Entrepreneurship training enables Veterans to become new entrepreneurs and leaders and make them a component of our civilian workforce.

Underprivileged & Underrepresented

If you cannot afford a more extensive academic path and a longer academic course, you should consider attending Dignity of Noble. Our team will train you in person on entrepreneurship skills to get your business portfolios started. We assist minorities that are not represented and those who are under-served by equipping them with industry-ready skills.

Linguistic Barriers

Language shouldn't be a hindrance in the search for opportunities! Suppose you're limited to the language of your region. In that case, our innovation can translate your language of origin into a language for business that your customers can understand, and the reverse is also true.

Gender Inequality

Are you having difficulty working due to gender inequalities? With our Entrepreneurship Program, we can equip you with the skills that foster women with the ability to work and be self-employed.

Justice Involved

Everyone deserves to have a second chance at life. Therefore, the people at Dignity of Noble also allow formerly-incarcerated to learn how to work and live like ordinary people without having to face any discrimination.
The Dignity of Noble is a Social Entrepreneur & Innovation for an onward and upward journey to manifest a harmonious-and-peace-centric digital social Activism-in-Action. We act for sustainable social impact. Our strive is to uphold the Dignity of Communities/People with Barriers

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