What we do

What We Do ?

Dignity of Noble is an inclusive, disability-led NGO that promotes policies and practices that provide individuals with Barriers more control over their own lives and their futures. Our goal is to eliminate discrimination and provide access for persons with Barriers so that they may participate in every aspect of community life.

Most people with Barriers wish and can make valuable contributions to all sectors of society, and the dignity of noble recognises this fact.

By placing people with personal experience with Barriers in positions of power, promoting accurate portrayals in the entertainment and news media, influencing effective public policy, and advocating for faith-based and other forms of inclusion, Dignity of Noble changes the conversation and advances the cause


Mission and Vision

By making life skill and economic freedom accessible to everyone who faces barriers, our goal is to boost the confidence of those who face those same obstacles and help them become more independent and resilient— 

Leaders in the Making: We empower diverse people with Barriers to gain the education, experience, connections, and chances they need to take their rightful places at the table of power and influence.

Attitude Transitions: As more disabled individuals are seen on film in realistic and varied roles, public perception of those with impairments is beginning to shift.

Advancing Opportunities: To ensure that persons with Barriers have the same chances for success as everyone else, we actively seek out and spread innovative approaches to improving education, employment, entrepreneurship, and community involvement.


Bringing all scientific research into the public domain is a top priority, and we are committed to achieving this goal without delay. We recognise that this can only be accomplished with unrestricted, instant access to high-quality research. Researchers can work together more effectively and more quickly to find solutions to the most pressing problems facing humanity due to open access publication, which removes barriers to the free exchange of information.